AudioSolutions Rhapsody 130


Die Rhapsody 130 kann alles. Ich habe ehrlich kein Musikmaterial gefunden, wo sie auch nur annähernd schwächelte. rhapsody130
Stimmt Wolfgang Kemper, ich auch nicht!
Die AudioSolutions Rhapsody 130 ist ein ästhetisch gelungenes Musikinstrument, das für jede Stilrichtung bestens geeignet ist. Um diesen Lautsprecher kennenzulernen, lohnt auch ein weiter Weg zum ersten Rendezvous mit der Schönen.

Rhapsody line speakers is the first of AudioSolutions products. This speaker line embraces our motto at the most – „the Art and Science in Speakers Engineering“. During creation of this line, we put together all our electronics, design, enclosure production knowledge and experience. Most importantly we‘ve put our hearts, so everyone could not only just hear a great sound, but also feel the craftsman’s touch in every one of the speakers.
Rhapsody 130 is the bigger member of Rhapsody line. These speakers are equipped with two 6″ paper cone mid-bass drivers. Classic paper cone drivers are well known for their natural sound reproduction with minimal coloration. Well built magnetic system, proper motor and good damping results in extremely smooth SPL curve and deep extension in bass section. These speakers can satisfy most of the audience with various taste of music. Curved shape of side walls makes cabinet less resonant, also it helps to avoid inner standing waves. Rear panel width is only 7,8cm, there is practically no area for sound to reflect from the rear panel back through thin cones of the drivers. Different spike length tilts the enclosures backwards, thus the sound imaging is improved.

Technische Daten:

Two way, bass reflex cabinet. Impedance-linear crossover with pin-to-pin construction. Crossover submerged in compound-quartz sand mix to minimize interaction between crossover and internal acoustical waves or mechanical vibrations. All cabinet walls are made of two layer MDF and additional plywood layer. Rear, top and bottom walls are 50mm thick, side walls – 28mm.

Dimensions (HxWxD) : 1163mm x 249mm x 447mm
Dimensions with stand (HxWxD) : 1244mm x 399mm x 566mm
Weight : 34 kg each
Sensitivity : 91 dB
Power handling : 130 W rms
Impedance : DC 3.4om; minimal 3.6om @ 160Hz; maximal 29om @ 60Hz;
Crossover frequency : 2450 Hz
Frequency response (in-room environment) : 32-25000 Hz
Drivers : 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, 17cm paper cone mid-bass