AudioSolutions Rhapsody 200



The Flagship – Groß und mächtig steht sie da, mit einer Klangbühne die Sie verzaubert!
Einfach gut hören. Punkt!
Einer der besten Lautsprecher im Weltmarkt.

Rhapsody line speakers is the first of AudioSolutions products. This speaker line embraces our motto at the most – „the Art and Science in Speakers Engineering“. During creation of this line, we put together all our electronics, design, enclosure production knowledge and experience. Most importantly we‘ve put our hearts, so that everyone could not only just hear a great sound, but also feel the craftsman’s touch in every one of the speakers.
Rhapsody 200 is the biggest, heaviest and most impressive model of AudioSolutions speaker range. These speakers are equipped with two 9″ bass speakers which is doing their job very well. High thermal capacity voice coils gives possibility to use high powered amplifiers driven on higher peak power than speaker are rated. Two true mid-range speaker drivers takes range from 500Hz to 6500Hz. Crossover doesn’t interact the most sensitive range for human ear, this is very important for High-end quality sound reproduction. Furthermore, high frequency driver works a lot „easier“ in more „comfortable“ range, where distortion is at minimum. Whole speaker system have very smooth SPL curve and tonal balance is neutral. Cabinet side walls consist of four layers different material, thickness and different resonance properties. Such sandwich minimizes unwanted cabinet resonances to the minimum. Nine internal bracing does their job too. Top, bottom and rear walls are 60mm thick. Whole cabinet is acoustically „dead“. As in all Rhapsody models, crossover is submerged in quartz sand and compound mix to eliminate vibrations caused by speaker drivers. The high-flow bass reflex port is in the back side of the cabinet, but projected to be able work near wall. We recommend to have at least 30m^2 room to use these speakers, but we also tested them in 18m^2 and they sounded perfectly. We didn’t noticed any problems with performance. All in all this model is our flagman for today and we are proud that these speakers can satisfy the most fastidious listeners.

Technische Daten:
Three way, bass reflex cabinet. Impedance-linear crossover with pin-to-pin construction. Crossover submerged in compound-quartz sand mix to minimize interaction between crossover and internal acoustical waves or mechanical vibrations. All cabinet walls are made of two layer MDF and two layers plywood. Rear, top and bottom walls are 60mm thick, side walls – 32mm. Cabinet have 5 degree angle to focus mid and high band in one point to improve sound imaging. The ideal listening point is 226cm from each speaker. This is the point where mid and high frequency driver axis crosses over. The high frequency driver is in 109cm height. This is average ear height when sitting on standard couch or chair.

Dimensions (HxWxD) : 1360mm x 348mm x 619mm
Dimensions with stand (HxWxD) : 1447mm x 555mm x 766mm
Weight : 65 kg each
Sensitivity : 90.5 dB
Power handling : 200 W rms
Impedance : DC 3.45om; minimal 2.8om @ 9000Hz; maximal 20om @ 17Hz;
Crossover frequency : 500/6500 Hz
Frequency response (in-room environment) : 27-25000 Hz
Drivers : 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, 15cm paper cone mids, 23cm paper cone bass drivers.

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