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The control preamplifier plays the central role in the audio system:

It must switch among multiple sources. Accept both balanced XLR and Single-ended RCA inputs.  Accurately control the volume or level of the audio signal.
Allow simple soft and hard muting of the signal  Provide remote control function.  Condition and buffer the balanced XLR outputs to optimally drive the power amplifier.
It must provide these functions while maintaining all of the low-level signal information, imposing minimum noise and bandwidth reduction and low levels of linear and non- linear signal distortion, all while providing a simple and intuitive control interface. The PRe3 control preamplifier fulfills all of these functions in a highly optimized, compact design providing remarkable signal fidelity. The unique, Single-Knob control interface insures an intuitive and easy to use means for controlling your system, this is a user interface that emphasizes you, the user. The compact dedicated remote control is also easy to learn and use and adds soft and hard mute functionality. The PRe3 signal path and power supply architecture provides remarkably low levels of non-linear distortion, extremely low-noise levels, wide bandwidth with a high degree of control accuracy and channel-channel tracking to insure a seamless and utterly transparent means to controlling your audio system.

Design Features:

  • Ultra-wideband, low distortion true balanced output buffer stage with selected audio grade resistors
  • 100 dB of level control in accurate 0.5 dB steps
  • 5-RCA, 1 XLR input
  • XLR main, RCA main and buffered RCA record outputs
  • Dual low noise toroidal power transformers for control/display and analog stages
  • Multi-stage regulation with ultra-wideband, low noise audio stage regulation
  • 4-layer board design for optimized ground, signal and power routing
  • Single sealed telecom grade control relay in the signal path
  • DC coupled design with no signal path capacitors
  • All critical parameters are optimized to provide an open window between your audio sources and power amplification. Discover a new world of musical expression through the PRe3 today.
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